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Wonderful New Year!

Happy new year! Wow, here we are already a couple weeks into a brand spankin' new year! Thank you for joining me in my creative journey and sticking with me.

I like to pick a word each year to help bring focus to my life and my endeavors. This year, my word is WONDER. As in, I wonder what wonderful things will happen this year; to take time to appreciate the wonders of the world, all things big and small. I want to remember and experience the wonder of a child at seeing something for the first time, the wonder of learning something new. I wrote a haiku to go with my word.

Wander to wonder

to ponder the universe

and my place in it.

~Traci VW

To help illuminate the dark winter days, I'm sharing something inspirational (I hope), inspired by going through the process of 12 Days of Christmas for Writers hosted by Julie Hedlund. She also runs the 12X12 Challenge where writers who join write a new picture book a month. It's fun and inspiration -- as I hope is this poem.

Hanging Stars

Shine bright little one.

Be the you

you are meant to be.

Don't let the weighty world

drag you down,



You are enough.

You are made of star stuff.

~Traci VW

Hanging Stars painting and poem
Hanging Stars by Traci VW

I will try to post more this year of things I find inspiring, more of my creative journey, good news, some process videos, etc. Please let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see. Thank you!


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