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Once Upon a Time...

Today is the day!

Once upon a time, a long time ago in a far away land lived an eensy, teensy, itsy, bitsy, woolly, cuddly Teddy Bear named Willie.

Eensy, Teensy, Teddy Bear’s Adventure

By Marilyn Van Wagoner

Being illustrated by Traci Van Wagoner

Story time officially begins today! Eeensy, teensy teddy bear Willie and I are starting our adventure together and we hope you’ll join us at

Share in the journey of the making of this picture book a reality and get exclusive looks at my process, sketches, timelapse videos, perhaps a coloring page or two, and much more. I hope you will join in the adventure.

For those who don't want to bother with signing up with Patreon. I will be sharing things here as well, just not as in depth. And for those who want to show your support but don't want to donate monthly, I've added a donate button to my blog, so you can still support me with a one time, or as often as you'd like, donation. I appreciate all and any support. Thanks a million!

Let's go adventuring.

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