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Children's Book Author & Illustrator

Don't Fret, Fred

by Traci Van Wagoner

Cut off from the electronic world, Fred is worried a day with Gram and Gramps in the far, far boonies will be boring. Boy, was he wrong. While balling Gram’s yarn (yawn!), he asks her for a story. Crazy and out-of-this-world things begin to happen, spinning them up into a wild yarn of an adventure bigger than all of them. Fred will have to use his own rusty imagination to get them back home before they are lost in space.

Sky High Tomatoes

 by Traci Van Wagoner

Seeds from Grandma help Maggie grow roots in her new home in the BIG City with a roof garden she tends through all kinds of weather. She is rewarded with sky high tomatoes which she shares in a feast with the neighbors where she makes a new friend. Sprinkled with fun facts, this book will encourage children to get their hands dirty and make their own garden feast.

Fun fact: I was never a big tomato fan until I grew my own in my #RoofGarden in New York City. I'm a farm bred girl who never really had an appreciation for how delicious and sun-ripened tomatoes are. In my book you'll find out why tomatoes get so sweet and juicy.

Dummy book available upon request

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