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A New Picture Book Project

Great news! I'm illustrating another picture book!

I'm thrilled to be diving into illustrating a new picture book, Boomer, written by my cousin, Lorraine Fitch.

I'm very exited to be able to bring this story of a loyal farm dog to life. Boomer loves to keep his sheep in order!

It starts with a text dummy
And so it begins...

This is how it starts:

1. I print out the text

2. I fold together nine pieces of ledger paper into a dummy book.

3. I break up the text (14-16 sections for a 32 page picture book) and paste each section onto a spread of the dummy book to establish the page turns and get an idea of what each spread's story will be.

Text Dummy in progress
Creating a Text Dummy

Now I have the first edition of the picture book -- the text dummy. This also provides me with a sketchbook of sorts for the story where I can doodle and sketch out visual ideas for each spread. This is where the visual storytelling starts.

After my first explorations into the visual story, I start developing the characters.

Character development in process
Sketch Book and Text Dummy

I hope you've enjoyed the start of a new picture book. I sure am enjoying it!

Stay tuned for more updates as the process continues of picture book making!

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