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Boomer Update

You are all due an update for Boomer!

Time has gotten away from me with so much of my attention at the drawing board with this project, and with finishing a big game project, Feast of Olympians for Brocks Play Games (which is now available here BTW). But...

We’re almost there! It's a race to the finish line before the year ends.

I’m finish the last few spreads of art, and Kurt will be laying out the final book next week. Once he places the color art into the layout, we’ll go through all the art and text and make any final edits. I’ll often go back in and add some finishing touches to some of the art, either to make more room or clean up some of the splatters to make the text more readable. Sometimes I’ll need to add that last bit if pizzazz, highlights, a few more details in key areas. Or I’ll add some fun additional details for readers and viewers to find.

And always, within every book I’ve illustrated, somewhere within the pages you’ll find Blue Bear.

Once we're happy with the book, then we'll send the final book design to Lorraine Fitch (the author) for approval. With the okey-dokey from her we'll move to the final stage.

Off to the press!

I’m hoping to have the book ready for pre-order before Christmas. Sometimes the initial print and approval can take a while. I’ll keep you updated.

The book will be published under our small press, Blue Bear Stories, where you can find our previously published book, Itsy, Bitsy, Teddy Bear's Adventure.

Thank you for sticking with me through this creative venture. Enjoy the little sneak peek of one of the illustrations from the book and stay tuned!

Soon, people soon!

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