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SCBWI Draw This - Alone

It has been a while since I've posted. I have a ton going on which is all good, so I've not been posted much. This is something I have to share! I have a bunch more fun news and projects to share so stay tuned.

Every month SCBWI hosts a drawing challenge #SCBWIDrawThis with a prompt word. For May the prompt words was #Alone. I thought long and hard on the concept of alone, trying to visualize what would epitomize this word. This idea struck me the morning the illustration was due. I almost didn't finish it having self-doubt take over about half way through. If you watch my video on YouTube, you'll see in the Procreate timelapse, I started with a girl that was just not working, but the idea wouldn't let me go. So, I finished it late that night and submitted it with minutes to spare. See the full gallery of participants here.

I present to you: Alone

Thanks for sharing in my creative journey! See more of my Paint Play fun.

How often did you sit alone as a child on a teeter totter waiting, wishing, hoping someone would join you?

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2 comentários

Traci Van Wagoner
Traci Van Wagoner
19 de jun. de 2019

Thank you so much Aileen! I appreciate your support and encouragement.


Aileen Stewart
Aileen Stewart
18 de jun. de 2019

I'm glad you didn't give up as you created a beautiful and wonderfully evocative portrait of the feeling of aloneness. Great job!

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