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Year of the Dragon

Cover for Traci VW Creations Year of the Dragon 2024 Calendar

As you probably know, I love dragons. Several years ago I decided to go for it and drawn and paint dragons to my heart’s content.

At the end of last year I realized I had painted enough dragons to create a calendar — just in time of the Year of the Dragon, 2024, which officially starts on the Lunar New Year, February 10th.

So, I chose the best of my dragons and revised the art to fit the format — some changed from vertical to horizontal, which was a fun challenge and I was actually able to create better artwork overall. Several needed clean up and finalization as I’ve improved my technique and style since the original painting was done. These along with many other paintings helped me develop my style as part of #PaintPlay.

I cleaned and polished them all up and even so, I had some holes as some art just didn’t make the cut, so I painted a couple new ones. I painted one special for my husband’s birthday month, December. I had a castle in the clouds painted several years ago and it shouted out for a dragon. I started with a red one, but my honey requested a white dragon with big wings, so I painted a beautiful white dragon with a maroon fluffy mane and big wings.

Traci VW Creations Dragon painting color sketch
Dragon and Sky Castles Color Sketch
A white dragon flying in front of castles high in the sky for The Year of the Dragon Caldender, December
Final Dragon and Sky Castles painting - December

Whether you love dragons too, or have a dragon loving friend, or would just like to show your support, I would appreciate it if you bought a calendar and celebrate the Year of the Dragon with a new beautiful dragon each month. Thanks for your support!

Please keep in mind when looking at my images, that they have been glazed before putting online in order to avoid AI scraping so they are a bit fuzzy looking. The final printed calendar will be in focused and clean.

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