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The Final Stretch from Sketch to Final Book

The final title of the book is now: Itsy, Bitsy Teddy Bear's Adventure.

This rolls of the tongue better. Don't you agree?

We’re on the last leg of this picture-book-in-the-making journey, folks! Thanks again for joining me in what turned out to be a longer adventure than I expected. Life does tend to get in the way sometimes, and 2020 has been a doozy.

Have a cookie (or two) and setting in for the final leg of the adventure. I'm prepping for an Off to the Presses celebration week of activity for Mom's Birthday week leading up to a final book being ready to buy. Here’s a run down of what's happening:

• I’m adding final touches and fixes to the illustrations and preparing them for the final book layout. Kurt will be finalizing the book design and preparing print files.

• I'm working on final text edits. A big thanks goes out to my critique group Orange Juicers for their helpful input.

• Kurt is creating the final cover design.

We’ve decided on a cover with some help from patrons and supporters. A shout out to my other critique group Doodle Dummies for their help in deciding as well. (See the rough cover options below.) You'll have to wait for the cover reveal to see which cover we chose.

• I'm creating bookplate stickers for Mom’s signature. I’ll add her signature digitally to a sticker so we can have signed books to send out with both our signatures. I really wish I could make a trip to visit her and sign books together in person as well as share several hundred or so hugs. (Miss you Mom!)

• And speaking of stickers, I may make some available for purchase since Itsy, Bitsy Teddy Bear Willie is awfully cute.

• Kurt and I are researching printing, distribution, sales outlets, getting an ISBN number, bar code, etc.

• We're setting up a Facebook page and a space here and on our Imagine That! Design website with purchasing links. It will also be available online at B&N and some Indie sites. More to come.

• My brain is spinning with ideas for some kind of book trailer.

• And I might set up a Bookshop page on SCBWI which goes live in October through November.

I'm trying to get everything organized and set up so we can roll out the final process and have the book off to the presses by the end of Mom's birthday week which starts on Monday, September 21, 2020.

That's it for now. Lots to do. More updates to come. It's almost a real book. Ahhhh. So exciting.

Itsy, Bitsy Teddy Bear Willie blows kisses and hearts for thanks!
Itsy, Bitsy Teddy Bear Willie says Thanks!

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