A Christmas Star Pt. 5

by Traci Van Wagoner

Part 5 of 5

Snow piled up on the windowsill, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the glowing star on top of our tree. It had to work. Papa had to see it.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Almost eleven.

And then, I heard something.

A snort. A whinny.

The creak of wagon wheels and a whistle.

“It’s Papa!”

“I knew he would make it!” Jacob hollered.

We raced outside toward Papa’s bobbing lantern. I elbowed Jacob and grinned, “I knew you missed him.”

“Whoa!” Papa’s voice boomed. The horses stopped in a jangle of harnesses.

I flew into Papa’s arms. “I knew you would make it home.” I placed his little piece of luck into his cold hands. “I kept it with me always so I knew you would come back safe.”

Pa smiled. “I felt your warm thoughts clear on the other side of the mountain. And through the blustering wind at the summit. When I saw the star glowing in the window, I knew which way was home.”

As we walked back to the house, Pa reached into his pockets. “I brought you both something. It isn’t much, but I know you haven’t had one since last Christmas.”

He handed us each an orange as orange as the star shining brightly in our window, the star that guided Papa home.

I flew into Papa’s arms. “I knew you would make it home.”


Thank you for joining me here. I hope you enjoyed my short story and are enjoying your Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to you all!

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