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Introducing Highland Cow

A new animal has joined the parade!

A cute highland cow from the front wiht a flop of blonde hai covering one eye and long horns curling up into a drippy blue sky. She stand on a grasshy hill with snow topped mountains in the background

Highland cows, or hairy coos as the locals in Scotland call them, are just so dang cute I had to create one to add to my Animal Parade World. This fluffy cow coming and going takes her place as number 35 in the animal parade.

Sketchbook with highland cow sketches on studio table with desk deco in the background
highland cow pencil sketch in sketchbook

Having drawn many animals for this parade, the style and look is established, so it's just a matter of establishing the main features of each particular animal. For the Highland Cow that would be all that hair, the flop of hair over one eye and those long horns.

Cute highland cow from the back side wiht long horns and a shaggy tail on a grassy hill with mountains in background and drippy bluesky

Thank you for joining the animal parade today!

You can find this cute highland cow on tons of fun merch in my Animal Parade World store. For example, this fun Heads and Tails Highland Cow Tshirt.

Cute Highland Cow from the front on the front of a tshirt

Cute Highland Cow from the front on the front of a tshirt

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