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In the Beginning...

An Animal Parade World Introduction

Animals from around the world coming and going in a fun parade around the house, office, dorm room and nursery

Animal Parade World Introduction, Elephant from the front with a pink textured background

The Beginning...

As a lover of animals and all things cute, I created a line of fun animal characters from the front and the back, coming and going. This idea started a long time ago as a kid thinking of the animal's head to mark the beginning of something and the animal's backside to mark the end. I finally found a home for this idea and started my Animal Parade World line of heads and tails animals. The first animals to join the parade in 2009 were Elephant, Lion, and Hippo. My latest animal will get her own introduction post soon!

I have developed a full line of Animal Parade World heads and tails animals that are sure to bring smiles. I'm always adding more animals and am open to ideas for new animals to create. So feel free to provide suggestions. To see the full parade and all the available merchandise with these cute animals, please visit my Animal Parade World store.

Every month I'll feature one of my cute animals with fun facts, jokes, cute images, party ideas, DIY projects, great animal gift ideas for kids of all ages, and much more. Be sure to join me here and keep updated on all the latest fun stuff. Please share with your friends too!

The End ...

Animal Parade World Elephant from the back with a textured pink background
Animal Parade World Elephant

For today.

Don't forget to get yourself or an Elephant loving friend a Heads and Tails Elephant T-shirt. Thank you for supporting a living human artist!

Come back soon for more Animal Parade World fun!

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